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Spot FX

At Ocean Capital, we offer a comprehensive suite of foreign exchange solutions to meet your business needs. Our spot trades provide you with the ability to exchange one currency for another at the current market rate, ensuring swift and immediate transactions, ideal for urgent needs.

For a more strategic approach to managing currency risk, our forward contracts empower you to lock in exchange rates today for future transactions. This invaluable tool allows you to protect your business from adverse currency movements, providing stability and predictability in an ever-changing market.

With Ocean Capital, you have flexibility to choose the right FX solution for your unique requirements, whether it’s seizing opportunities with spot trades or safeguarding your financial interests with forward contracts.

Online Platform

Our valued clients enjoy the convenience of a cutting-edge, user-friendly online platform that empowers them with a multitude of financial tools and capabilities. This sleek interface allows them to effortlessly make payments, providing a seamless and secure transaction experience. Moreover, clients have complete control over their revenues, giving them the flexibility they need to repatriate their funds when they decide. In addition, the platform offers a robust reporting system, enabling clients to access comprehensive insights into their FX and payments activities. Keeping transparency in mind, we provide real-time exchange rate information, ensuring our clients are always well-informed. This powerful platform comes at no cost, making it accessible and affordable for all, with no fees for opening or maintaining an account.


Hedging is a popular strategy for managing FX risk. At Ocean Capital, we understand that the FX market’s volatility can impact your business’s financial stability. Our hedging solutions offer a protective shield against adverse currency movements. Through techniques like forward contracts, we help you lock in exchange rates, allowing you to budget and plan with confidence. With our expertise in FX risk management, you can focus on your core operations, knowing that your international financial exposures are effectively hedged against uncertainty.

Foreign currency forward contracts serve as valuable risk management tools for companies facing uncertainty due to fluctuating currency markets when placing orders with suppliers but deferring payment until a later date, typically 1 to 3 months in the future. In this dynamic landscape, companies are vulnerable to currency volatility, which can significantly impact their bottom line. However, by entering into forward contracts, these businesses can secure a predetermined exchange rate for future transactions, shielding themselves from adverse currency movements. This proactive approach empowers companies to accurately forecast costs, enhance budgeting precision, and safeguard profit margins, thereby minimizing the financial uncertainties inherent in international trade. With foreign currency forward contracts, businesses can navigate the intricacies of global commerce with confidence, ensuring stability and consistency in their operations.

Mass payments

Managing FX payments on a large scale can be complex, but at Ocean Capital, we make it simple. Our FX mass payment solutions streamline the process, enabling businesses to effortlessly handle multiple international payments. Whether you need to pay suppliers, employees, or partners across the globe, our platform ensures efficient and cost-effective transactions. With competitive exchange rates and a user-friendly interface, you can trust us to navigate the intricacies of FX mass payments, saving you time and money while maintaining accuracy and compliance. Let us transform your international payment workflow into a seamless, hassle-free experience.

currency accounts

Ensure seamless global trade with unique currency accounts in your company’s name. Collect funds locally, worldwide and ensure competitive exchange rates when repatriating your overseas revenues. All funds are automatically screened and reconciled, removing manual processes.

You’ll get in-country account details in your name, allowing you to collect locally from your customers in a range of geographical locations, speak to an expert to find out more.

Local payment abilities for your customers can help to increase loyalty and improve your overall customer / supplier relationships.


Take control of your overseas revenues with an Ocean Capital Exchange Ltd E-Commerce account. The likes of Shopify charge their users a 2% fee for converting currencies back into their home currency with Shopify Payments (1.5% in the US).

Ocean Capital Exchange Ltd, in partnership with Ebury Partners, can offer local collection in the US and 14 other countries; meaning you can have your foreign revenues sent directly to your e-commerce account and exchanged at our rates instead, in your own time, adding at least 1% to your turnover on international sales.

Ebury e-commerce accounts are also a member of the Amazon PSP Program, making us one of the few FX payments providers who are approved to receive funds in different currencies from Amazon.

here's how it works:


  • Set up collection accounts in up to 15 countries and 35 currencies
  • Collect in local currency saving transaction time and conversion fees


  • Convert your funds back to your chosen currency
  • Fix your exchange rate for up to 5 years with Forward Contracts and manage FX risk


  • Receive credit to pay your suppliers
  • Avoid cash flow gaps and keep your business moving


  • Pay your suppliers in one of 140+ currencies
  • Enabling you to build stronger supplier relationships

manage everything on your own online platform

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